This public course can be found on the Bay of Islands, on the Northern Island, about 5 hrs drive from Auckland, and is a great experience.

Firstly,the atmosphere is really relaxed. We were told to play the more scenic 9 holes out in front of the ladies competition. But if we wanted to we could then play the other nine as well for the same price, no worries.

Unfortunately, one of the greens was of a bit lesser quality, due to fungus on the green, but that didn’t matter. The surroundings, with the views over the Bay of Islands sure made up for that, with stunning fairways, and lightning fast greens with a lot of grain. 

Add to that you’re playing on “holy” ground, the soil where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed on the 6th februari 1840, which made New Zealand an independent nation; and you can understand why our first round of golf in NZ was a bit special.


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